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Hi, nice to meet you! A little about me? I'm obsessed with traveling and for me, the only type of travel that exists is luxury.

Luxury Travel Brought to You by Miles and Points.

When it comes to travel, you don’t need a lot of money to be #BougieAF. You do however need the right credit cards, the ability to hold points and frequent flyer miles until the right opportunity arises, and the knowledge to cultivate and maximize those opportunities. Bougie Miles is devoted to helping you travel the world in the most luxurious way possible while keeping spend to a minimum.  We’ll also cover how to maximize your everyday spending and make small changes to your lifestyle to get the best return on your investment.

How I Got Involved with Miles and Points

When I was a kid my single mom took me on a lot of amazing yet modest family vacations. We’d stay at the typical budget chains and, if we were able to, fly as cheaply as possible. While I wouldn’t trade my memories for anything and am so thankful my mom instilled a love for travel in us, I did dream as a child to be one of the lucky “few” seated in the front of the plane. After going to law school and passing the bar, I quickly realized that I’d need to find a better way if I actually wanted to have the time to travel. I’ll give you one guess what that “better way” is. YUP! The world of Award Travel. My strategic use of loyalty and credit card program rewards coupled with my ability to maximize redemptions has allowed me to do some very bougie trips for the same amount that my mom spent on our family vacations back in the day. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW. 

Check out my Award travel Philosophy and Overview Here.

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Luxury travel brought to you by miles and points.