Maximizing Lyft’s Quadruple Dip Opportunity (Now That Uber is Dead to Me)


Earn with Lyft Partners

After an absolutely terrifying ride experience with Uber that left me wondering whether I'd end up in a ditch somewhere and Uber's shameful response (or lack thereof) I decided I would start using Lyft exclusively. Here's how I'll get the most bang for my buck.

Earn with Lyft Partners

A few months ago Lyft announced an awesome partnership with Mastercard, now World Elite cardholders to will receive $10 in Lyft credit every month they take 5 qualifying rides. Check out my post about the Mastercard World Elite benefit for complete details on how to earn and redeem the credit and the fine print. Lyft has also introduced business rewards for anyone who creates a business profile and follows the instructions to opt-in. The Business Rewards program awards $5 in personal ride credit for every 5 business rides a member takes. These benefits stacks with the earnings from a few other Lyft Loyalty partnerships. Click on the partner below for the official promotion page and instructions on linking each account. I should mention that Delta offers double for rides to and from the airport.

Earning Details

Once you've linked your accounts you'll be able to earn points or miles with each program at the following rates.

  • Earn 1 Delta Skymile per $1 on all Lyft rides and 2 Skymiles on all airport rides
  • Earn 3 Hilton Honors points for every $1 spent on  (economy, luxury, and extra seats) Lyft rides and 2 points for every $1 spent on Shared Lyft rides.

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This is a nice stack for anyone who uses Lyft. Between credits for rides, Delta miles and Hilton points you're definitely getting value for riding with Lyft. Obviously you’re not going to get rich from this opportunity but every little bit helps.



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  1. Michael Danielson

    You can also click through the Rakuten app for another 25 cents, why settle for a quad when you cand quintuple!! 😉

    • Bethany Walsh

      #truth! Freebird as well I should have mentioned



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