Save $30 with Rakuten and Mastercard has a stackable promotion offering $30 back on orders of $100+ in Rakuten Super Points when you checkout with your Mastercard. This stacks nicely with the current Super Points Promotion offering 15% back in points on every purchase. Not only can you save $30  with Rakuten and Mastercard, Mastercard Easy Savings and provide enrolled Mastercard Business Card small business cardholders a 2% rebate on many products offered on

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Save $30 with Rakuten and Mastercard


  • Receive $30 in Rakuten Super Points® (3,000 points) after you pay for an order of $100 or more using Mastercard at checkout.
  • not valid on purchases made using PayPal.
  • Valid from 11/18/19 at 12:00AM (PST) until 11/22/19 at 11:59PM (PST) or until promotional funding is exhausted, whichever occurs first.
  • Promotion Page
  • Superpoints cannot be used to purchase gift cards

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This is a great offer if you can make it work. groups most orders from different sellers into separate orders so you should order $100 worth of items from the same seller or something over $100. I wouldn’t pay with a mobile wallet since it excludes Paypal, it might also exclude Apple Pay and others like it.

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