Save Big: Stack Amex Pay with Points Rebate and Insider Fares

Save Big: Stack Amex Pay with Points Rebate and Insider Fares

I recently had to book a quick last minute mileage run to lock up American Airline’s Executive Platinum status. Naturally, my goal was to book my trip at the lowest possible price but since I needed to earn elite qualifying miles, I couldn’t book with airline miles. Check out the current Aadvantage Elite Status Match opportunities here.  I stacked a few Amex benefits to save money and get my EQM’s. My choices were to book with cash or with points through a credit card travel portal. Luckily for me, American Express offers discounts on some fares known as Insider Fares. Insider fares are also widely available on Delta, AA and I’ve seen a few on Alaska Airlines tickets. Here’s how you can save big with the Business Platinum Pay with Points Rebate combined with Insider Fares.

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Save Big: Stack Amex Pay with Points Rebate and Insider Fares

How Do Insider Fares Work?

Insider fares can be found at Amex Travel on select airlines. Insider Fares must be booked entirely with points in order to qualify for the reduced rate.

Amex Business Platinum Pay with Points 35% Rebate

If you pay with points for any flight or on your chosen airline or any premium cabin seat on any airline, you will get 35% of those points credited back to your account as long as you use the Business platinum card. You’re not actually using the card because your redeeming points, but I’ve had an issue previously by not making it very clear I was calling about the specific card.

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Let’s Look at an Example Using the Flight Above

Cash Price of the same flight = $724

Price with AA Insider Fare = 67k Membership Rewards Points

35% Rebate = 23,450 Membership Rewards points

Total = 43,550 Membership Rewards Points

Final Thoughts

This is essentially a 40% discount. I’ve actually gotten as high as a 53% discount thanks to an especially discounted Insider Fare. Now of course, this is not the best way to redeem your MR points if you like to transfer them for big ticket aspirational redemptions, but otherwise this is a pretty sweet deal. My favorite part is that I still earn my airline miles and when you have elite status, mileage bonuses can be lucrative. I probably earned about 5500 miles on this flight.

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