5 Best Ways to Get Hotel Status

Elite status with a hotel brand can come with some pretty nice perks including discounts, extra rewards, room upgrades and the list goes on. Unfortunately, the more valuable benefits that come with higher status usually require lots of stays and/or spend but there are some shortcuts and I think these are the 5 best ways to get hotel status without much effort or at least some of the easiest ways.

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Credit Cards

There are two ways to use credit cards to earn hotel status.

  1. Card Benefits: Some credit cards offer elite status as a benefit of being a card member. For example, the Amex Platinum Cards offer both Hilton and Marriott status and the Hilton Aspire card comes with top level Diamond status.
  2. Spending requirements: Another way to use credit cards to earn elite status is to meet spending thresholds on co-branded cards. For example, if you spend 40K a year on the Hilton Honors Ascend Card, you’ll be upgraded to Diamond Status.


Included in the benefits of FoundersCard is Hilton Gold Status and Total Rewards Diamond Status, which can be matched to Wyndham Diamond.

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Status Match/Challenge

If you have any elite status you can usually parlay that into elite status with a few loyalty programs. A status match is when a loyalty program gives you elite status of a similar level to your status in a different program. Matches essentially waive the usual requirements,  while challenges provide a shortcut by lessening the usual elite status requirements. Statusmatcher.com is an awesome site which gives data points for matches and challenges offered by loyalty programs.

Buy Status

IHG allows anyone to purchase Intercontinental Ambassador status for $200/year which automatically comes with IHG Platinum Status. It also comes with a free weekend night certificate that could easily justify the cost of membership for anyone who needs status and can make use of the free night. IHG Platinum Status qualifies as top or second tier status by most match and challenge opportunities as well as IHG hotels as a whole.

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Corporate Travel Programs

If you own a company or work for one that is a member of a hotel’s business program, you may be eligible for automatic elite status. Best Western offers Gold Status to employees and Diamond status to account owners. Similarly, IHG Business Edge offers travelers Gold Elite status after their first Business Edge stay.




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