How to Save Big with The Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee


Best Rate Guarantee

The Hyatt best rate guarantee ensures that customers who book direct with Hyatt get the best rates for all reservations at every participating Hyatt hotel or resort worldwide by matching any qualifying lower rate and allowing the customer to choose an additional 20% discount or 5,000 World of Hyatt Points. Hyatt's best price guarantee states that If you book a stay at and “you find on another site, a lower, publicly available, and immediately bookable room-only rate for the same stay, we’ll not only match it but we’ll give you an additional 20% off or 5,000 World of Hyatt Bonus Points.” Hotel chains offer these rate guarantees to entice customers to book direct since the hotel makes more money when they don't have to pay out any third-party sites. Meanwhile, loyalty program members and Hyatt enthusiasts typically make out better with direct bookings since they can earn points and receive their applicable World Of Hyatt elite status benefits. This offer really came through for me this week which I'll cover tomorrow. 

On Hyatt’s homepage, at the bottom you’ll see the best rate guarantee listed and find a link to the dedicated offer page with the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions. The main idea is that if you find a lower rate, Hyatt will match the rate AND give you an additional 20% off or 5,000 WOH points. 20% off can be a huge savings on expensive bookings and on cheaper rates, 5,000 points is an awesome value since free night awards start at 5k points for Category 1 properties.

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What Qualifies for Hyatt’s Best Rate Guarantee?

To qualify for the price match guarantee, the competing rate must be for the same hotel, same type of room, same number of guests, same dates of stay, same length of stay, same guarantee and cancellation policy, and be booked under the same conditions. The lower rate must meet the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee Terms to qualify (available here).

Steps To make sure you're booking is eligible eligible for the Best Rate Guarantee

  • Book a stay at a Participating Hotel through a Hyatt website
  • Within 24 hours of your booking, on the Internet find a publicly available and immediately bookable room rate on a public website that is lower in price than the room rate you booked on the Hyatt website for the same stay (the following is required for Hyatt to consider it the same stay)
    • same hotel,
    • same type of room,
    • same number of guests,
    • same dates of stay,
    • same length of stay,
    • same guarantee and cancellation policies, and
    • same booking conditions (i.e. prepaid or or pay at the hotel.)
  • Submit your claim request with Hyatt within 24 hours of booking (Process outlined below)

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Submit a Hyatt Price Guarantee Form

First in order to submit a claim, you must first have a confirmed reservation booked with Then if you find a lower qualifying rate than what is offered on, submit an online claim form or call Hyatt at 877.247.3909 / 402.593.5445. A Hyatt representative will review your claim and respond with the status of the claim within 24 hours. If Hyatt confirms the availability of the Competing Rate on the Internet, then your claim is found to be valid, Hyatt will then match the competing rate, plus you may select one of two Best Rate Guarantee Rewards: either 5,000 World of Hyatt Bonus Points or an additional 20% discount on your matched room rate. If selected, the 5,000 World of Hyatt Bonus Points will be applied within 72 hours after check out. (There are two different terms for when the points will post listed on Hyatt's site- one says 72 hours the other says 7 days. ) Once selected, a Best Rate Guarantee Reward may not be changed (meaning you can't go back and change your selection between points and 20% discount).

As evidence of a lower rate, the claim form asks for the URL where you found the lower rate. If submitting your claim online, you can and should include screenshots of the lower room rate on the third party site. A Hyatt representative will attempt to validate the availability of the lower rate, and verify it complies with the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee Terms.

Here's what the form looks like 

hyatt best rate guarantee


Some Offer Details to Keep in mind

  • Once you select your Reward, your selection is final and may not be revised.
  • In the event that the Competing Rate is in a different currency than the rate, Hyatt will convert the Competing Rate and the rate into a common currency chosen by Hyatt.  If, after conversion to the same currency, a Competing Rate is less than three percent (3%) lower than the rate, then it will not qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee.  
  • If you have booked a prepaid stay on and submit a valid Claim, then Hyatt will refund you the original rate and charge you the new rate.
  • Each Claim may only cover one (1) room, and a guest may submit up to three (3) Claims per night. 
  •  For a valid Claim, only one (1) Reward will be issued per stay regardless of the length of the stay

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Final Thoughts

Price matched reservations are eligible for earning base points and qualify toward tier status and your normal World of Hyatt benefits apply as with any other direct stay. Looking for price matches is one of the few time consuming exercises in award booking that I am willing to do for most of my hotel bookings because I find the upside to be huge and who doesn't love free points? I've had success with



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