New FoundersCard AA Status Match Offer (Choose Challenge Dates through June)


FoundersCard AAdvantage Status Match

There's another great FoundersCard AAdvantage Status Match and Challenge, that allows you to choose the challenge dates and whether to go for Platinum or Gold AA Status. One of the best perks of Founderscard are these chances to earn American Airlines Elite Status with significantly reduced elite qualification requirements. This offer is available to (almost) all FoundersCard members with an awesome newer feature: You will have the opportunity to select your challenge dates for this American Airlines AAdvantage Status Challenge. Read up on a few shortcuts to meet the challenge requirements.

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Founderscard AAdvantage Status Challenge

AAdvantage Gold or Platinum Status Challenge  Details

Enroll by February 8, 2021 and receive 3 months of AAdvantage Gold or Platinum status with the opportunity to keep it through January 2022, by completing the following requirements between your selected 3 month challenge period

American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum Status Offer
* Enroll in Business Extra
* Select Status Tier (Platinum) and Challenge start date on after enrollment
* Earn 12,000 EQMs or 14 EQSs AND $1,500 EQDs

American Airlines AAdvantage Gold Status Offer
* Enroll in Business Extra
* Select Status Tier (Gold) and Challenge start date on after enrollment
* Earn 6,000 EQMs or 7 EQSs AND $700 EQDs*

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If you decide to sign up for a Founderscard membership and use my referral link, it is much appreciated. Here's a link to my full video review of the Founderscard and a complete list of the 2020 benefits.


FoundersCard AA Status Challenge: How to Enroll

  • If you're not a Business Extra Memberregister here and make sure to select “Travel Manager” under Relationship to Account.
  • Once you're enrolled in Business Extra, register for the promotion on FoundersCard‘s AA benefit page
  • IMPORTANT: Registering for Business Extra does not enroll you in the challenge. After you create a Business Extra account, you must go back to this site, click “Already a Business Extra Member”, and fill out the form. Missing this final step will prevent you from being entered into the challenge.

If you decide to sign up and use my referral link, it is much appreciated.

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Founderscard AAdvantage Status Challenge

Founderscard AAdvantage Status Match Offer: The Fine Print

  1. You must request to enroll on no later than 5 pm CST on February 8, 2021.
  2. Then, if you are eligible to participate, the challenge start date and tier will be selected by you via your AAdvantage wallet between February 16 – June 15, 2021.
    • you can choose which status challenge you would like to participate in (Platinum or Gold) and select your challenge start date within that timeframe by logging into your Wallet (under Account Summary) on
    • Your AAdvantage account will not reflect the selected challenge tier (Platinum/Gold) until your selected challenge period begins.
  3. Once your challenge period begins, you will be upgraded to the selected status (Platinum/Gold), and will have 3 months from the challenge start date to meet the challenge criteria.
  4. Information about the challenge as well as the requirements will be located in your Wallet on

Eligibility Rules and Exclusions

  • Platinum, Platinum Pro or Executive Plat members are not eligible to participate
  • Gold Members- You cannot participate in an offer for the same or lower status than you currently hold. if you register for an offer with the same or lower status you'll be auto enrolled in the Platinum offer
  • Members who have enrolled or are currently enrolled in a status challenge in the previous 24 months are not eligible
  • The offer selection cannot be changed once the selection is made.

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It's nice to see Founderscard Offer another AA Status Challenge. It's pretty cool that you're able to select the 3 month challenge timeframe all they way through June, it really allows you to plan ahead and choose a window where you plan to fly more frequently. I am pretty happy with Founderscard and last time I couldn't make use of this perk because I already held Executive Platinum status but this time I'm definitely going to enroll and go for Platinum status. If you can take advantage, this is a great benefit! Platinum status has some good benefits, including low-cost or free upgrades to First or Business class. Status is recognized by all OneWorld Alliance member airlines. Historically, AA charged upwards of $200 to enroll in a challenge. You'll hold elite status until January 31, 2022. It is however a bit of a bummer that members with AAdvantage Platinum status or higher can't use this offer to re-qualify.



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  1. Dougie Wachie

    I am currently AA Platinum through 1/31/20 but have only achieved Gold status effective 2/1/20. Can I do the Platinum status challenge using the FoundersCard link by 1-20-20 for the 90 day window I select starting 2-1-20?

    • Bethany Walsh

      You know I’m wondering the same thing- I will reach out to my concierge and get a definitive answer (hopefully they’ll respond by tomorrow). My thinking on this was that since youd be eligible at the start of the challenge that may have been the effective date that determines your eligibility but that was just my guess.

  2. Dougie Wachie

    Any news from your concierge? I need to fly to NY from CA, business class of course, and need to decide if its before or on or after Feb 1.

    • Bethany Walsh

      This is what they said- Thanks for reaching out, that’s a great question! Since we would be submitting the enrollments on January 19th for this upcoming AA status challenge, American Airlines may consider you ineligible to participate due to the fact that you would be reflecting Platinum status at that time. However, it doesn’t hurt to enroll in case they allow it!

  3. John

    Your “click here” for Business Extra is not working in your blog.

  4. Bethany Walsh

    Thank you! Fixing it now

  5. David

    Re timing – couldn’t you select 3/31 as a start date and delay completing the challenge until after 6/15 so you get status for 2021 as well? Or is this offer only good through 1/2021?

    • Bethany Walsh

      That’s an interesting thought- the terms and conditions seem to say the status will only be good through Jan 2021. Want me to email it to you?

  6. John Triply

    Anyone else not seeing the option to start their challenge? I signed up, but it’s now 2/2 and still don’t see any way to start it.

    • Bethany Walsh

      Hey John, If you login to your AA account and click under wallet do you see it?

  7. John Triply

    No, there is nothing there except the usual (my miles and my 500 mile upgrades).

  8. Marty Paz

    Your comments were copied and pasted from the last time this challenge was offered. They will create more confusion than help.

    • Bougiemiles

      Thank you Marty 🙂



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