FoundersCard Members Receive Free Virgin Atlantic Status for a Full Year!


FoundersCard Virgin Atlantic Status

FoundersCard members will now get free Virgin Atlantic Silver Status for an entire year after one flight with Virgin AND an amazing fast track to Gold Status offer! This is yet another great FoundersCard Airline Status benefit and one of the reasons I keep renewing my membership. FoundersCard Members will receive:

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Founderscard Virgin Atlantic status

FoundersCard Virgin Atlantic Elite Status Benefit: How to Enroll

  • If you're not already a Flying Club member, enroll here. Once completed, submit your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club information on the benefit page and complete the upgrade process.
  • If you already have a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account, you simply have to submit the form and your Flying Club account is eligible to be upgraded to Silver status once you have completed at least one leg of a Virgin Atlantic flight. Once you submit this information, please allow up to 6 weeks for processing.

If you decide to sign up and use my referral link, it is much appreciated.

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Founderscard Virgin Atlantic Silver Status Offer: The Fine Print

  • To qualify for this Flying Club offer, you must register your existing membership or join Flying Club (link provided on the offer page).
  • Your status will be applied within 10 business days of your first flight.
  • Upgrade is applicable for one year of FoundersCard Membership. (Standard mileage re-qualification requirements apply. Other Terms and Conditions may apply.)
  • Receive Fast Track to Flying Club Gold Elite Status when you earn 500 tier points within six months of joining.

Benefits of Flying Club Silver Status:

  • Earn 30% more Virgin Points on every Virgin Atlantic flight + earn Tier Points
  • Premium Check In and priority boarding in whichever cabin you fly on all flights
  • Anytime standard seat assignment for you in any cabin, including Economy Light
  • Priority baggage whenever you travel

Benefits of Flying Club Gold Status:

    • Earn 60% more Virgin Points on every Virgin Atlantic flight + earn Tier Points
    • Upper Class Check In and priority boarding, regardless of the cabin you’re flying
    • Anytime seat assignment for you and your companions in any cabin, including Economy Light
    • Take one extra piece of hand and hold luggage on top of the brand allowance
    • Reenergize when you land at Heathrow with access to our Revivals lounge
    • Clubhouse access every time you fly with us or Delta Air Lines® for you and one guest*
    • Free exit row & preferred seat options in Economy Classic
If you decide to sign up for a Founderscard membership and use my referral link, it is much appreciated. Here's a link to my full video review of the Founderscard and a complete list of the 2021 benefits.


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It's nice to see Founderscard Offer another free airline status benefit. It's pretty cool that you're able to enroll and then take one flight to get a full year of free status. Even better than that- the Gold status fast track is an awesome offer because it's only 500 Tier points as opposed to the usual 1,000 points required. There are two current promotions that make this a really good deal. First, Virgin is awarding tier points on award flights right now and second, until further notice you'll have two years to re-up whatever status you earn rather than the usual 12 months. (So basically you can get their top tier status until 2023 without actually paying for a flight.) I am pretty happy with Founderscard and if you can take advantage, this is a great benefit! Silver status has some good benefits, including free seat selection, priority boarding and bonus points on flights.



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