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Caesars Rewards is the loyalty program of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, a hospitality brand that has over 55 resort and gaming destinations in 4 continents. Despite significant changes over the last few years including a name change (formerly knows as “Total Rewards”) and a change in ownership, the Caesars program remains one of the most heavily utilized and relevant casino programs on the market due to it’s sheer size and strategic use of partnerships.

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The “Bougie Miles Caesars Rewards Guide” will show you all of the different ways you can earn Caesars Rewards Tier Credits for status and redeemable points known as rewards credits. In the near future I’ll be posting specific articles on how to maximize value and benefits from Caesars and this guide will be a reference.

The Caesars Rewards Program gives members perks based on elite status and opportunities to earn and redeem rewards points for gaming, entertainment and hospitality. Benefits include on site discounts, the ability to earn and redeem rewards, and exclusive member benefits with Caesars Partners.

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Caesars Rewards has four main elite status levels;

  • Gold (entry level),
  • Platinum,
  • Diamond and
  • Seven Stars (very exclusive).
caesars rewards

Vanderpump Vegas located in Caesars (Yes as in no 1 housewife of all time: Lisa Vanderpump)

How to Earn Caesars Rewards Elite Tier Status

  • Status Match Promotion
    • Caesars regularly offers promotions allowing elite members from other casino Program to receive a comparable tier match. Check the Promo Page for qualifying partners and eligible status levels.
  • Status Match from Wyndham Rewards.
    • Wyndham Rewards Platinum and Diamond members can match to a reciprocal status in Caesars Rewards (and Vice-versa). Status Match Page.
  • Caesars Rewards Visa currently Offers Platinum status after using the card to make a purchase within the first 90 days
  • Earn status the old fashioned way by racking up enough Tier Credits
  • Tier Credit Bonuses (explained in detail below)
  • FoundersCard Membership
  • Caesars Rewards Salute Card: Exclusively for our US armed forces, both active duty military and veterans. Members receive automatic Platinum status and 10% discount on room rates all year round.

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Tier Credit Requirements for Caesars Rewards Status

  • Gold: base status for all members
  • Platinum: 5,000 tier credits
  • Diamond: 15,000 tier credits
    • Diamond Plus: 25,000 Tier Credits
    • Diamond Elite: 75,000 Tier Credits
  • Seven Star: 150,000 tier credits
caesars rewards program

Atlantis Casino and Resort (Nassau, Bahamas)

Caesars Rewards Elite Status Benefits

Caesars Rewards benefits are based on tier status. Bear in mind that members who earn Caesars status through tier credits have some significant advantages (detailed below) over matched elites, particularly when it comes to Diamond status. Additionally, members who earn tier credits have received things like free stays for earning as few as 5,000 tier credits.

Platinum Status Benefits Include:

  • 15% discount at participating spas and casino gift shops
  • Preferred pricing at participating Caesars Rewards restaurants
  • Exclusive pre-sale access for select shows
  • Complimentary self-parking & valet in select markets
  • Complimentary Stay at Atlantis, Bahamas

Diamond Status Benefits include:

  • Priority lines at hotel check-in, restaurants, casino cashiers and the Caesars Rewards Centers
  • 20% discount at casino gift shops
  • Discounts on best available advertised rate on rooms and suites
  • Waived resort fees on any hotel stay for Diamond and above
  • Complimentary valet & self-parking at many destinations, including Las Vegas and Atlantic City
  • $100 Celebration Dinner.
  • The following benefits vary based on the number of tier credits you’ve earned
    • Free Stay at Atlantis (Tiered offer for members who earn at least 15K Tier Credits)
    • 2 Free Nights in Dubai for members who earn at least 15k Tier Credits
    • Complimentary lounge access for Diamond members earning 25,000 Tier Credits (members earning less can access lounges for 1,000 ($10.00) Reward Credits for the member and an additional 1,000 for their guest)
  • Diamond Plus members receive free lounge access
  • Diamond Elite members receive $600 Airfare Credit to Las Vegas.


Earning Elite Qualifying Tier Credits

Caesars Rewards has two different types of points that members can earn through specified activities: Rewards Credits and Tier Credits. Tier Credits are used to determine your elite status with Caesars.

Tier Credits are status credits earned in a calendar year (January 1 through December 31) that are added up to determine a members annual Tier Score which determines the member’s elite status (known as Tier Status within Caesars Rewards). The more Tier Credits you earn, the better status and benefits you’ll get. Rewards Credits are redeemable points that can be used for things like free nights, merchandise and free play. You can earn Reward Credits through both casino play and other qualifying activity including entertainment activities at Caesars Rewards destinations and through Caesars Rewards Partners.

caesars rewards

How to Earn Tier Credits

  • Gambling: Varies based on the specific type of gaming. Earning Details for each activity can be found here.
  • Hotel Stays: Earn 5 Tier Credits for every $1 spent on hotel room rates and resort fees when reserved directly with Caesars.
  • Entertainment Activities: Earn 1 Tier Credit for every $1 spent on things like shows, restaurants and shopping. Check out the official Earnings page” to see exactly which locations and activities earn credits.
  • Referrals: Earn 500 Tier Credits for each friend who signs up and picks up their membership card. (Your friend earns 500 credits as well.)
  • Promotions
  • Tier Credit Bonuses: If you earn a certain number of Tier Credits in one day, you’ll receive a specified bonus based on the following chart. (People often refer to this incentive as “Diamond in a Day.”)

caesars rewards program

How to Earn Caesars Rewards Credits (Redeemable Points)

  • Gaming Activity: Varies based on specific type of gaming. Earning Details can be found here.
  • Hotel Stays: Earn 1 Tier Credits for every $1 spent on hotel room rates and resort fees when reserved directly with Caesars.
  • Entertainment Activities: Earn 1 Tier Credit for every $1 spent on things like shows, restaurants and shopping. Check out the official Earnings page to see exactly which locations and activities earn credits.
  • Caesars Rewards Visa Credit Card:
    • 5X Reward Credits per $1 spent at Caesars Rewards properties and on tickets through Caesars Rewards Live Events.
    • 2X Reward Credits per $1 spent on airlines, gas, and groceries.
    • 1X Reward Credits for all other purchases.
  • Partners
    • Convert Caesars UK Reward Credits at a rate of 2 : 1
    • Caesars Dining Rewards- earn 1 Reward Credit per $1 spent at qualifying program restaurants, bars, and clubs, including tax and tip
    • Shopping marketplace- Earn RCs when you shop through the portal
    • Booking Hotel Stays with Rocketmiles
    • Transfer Wyndham Points to Caesars Rewards Points


Redeem Rewards Credits for Max Value

Most of the Reward Credit redemption options are pretty weak but there are a few bright spots that will give you plenty of value. Credits are normally worth 1 cent a piece so if you redeem 100 Rewards Credits it’ll come out to $1. It’s very hard to be excited about this program if you think back to the 1 credit earned per $1 spend for activities like entertainment and hotel stays. Luckily the Wyndham Partnership presents opportunities to earn at least 10x the rewards on many of the same activities and gives members of both programs the ability to redeem them at a much better valuation.

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Leveraging Wyndham Rewards Partnership Benefits

Wyndham Rewards members earn the greater of 10 points per $1 or 1,000 points on qualifying stays at Caesars (basically those booked directly with Wyndham that have a $25 min room rate). Wyndham members can also redeem points for free nights at over 30 Caesars destinations. Earning with Wyndham for Caesars stays is generally the more lucrative option for most travelers. The exception would be for people who get comped rooms or tend to stay at the cheapest Caesars properties.  To illustrate this point, there are many Caesars hotels that cost $20 or less on certain nights, so those stays are ineligible to earn Wyndham Points.

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The great thing about this partnership is that it allows both program’s members to transfer points between programs at a 1:1 ratio to redeem in any way they wish. This works out as a double dip opportunity for anyone paying an eligible room rate at Caesars properties since they can earn Wyndham rewards points and 5x Caesars Tier Credits. If you recall, Caesars Rewards members get one free night in Vegas or Atlantic City for every 5,000 Tier credits they earn.

The ability to transfer points between programs allows members to maximize the redemption value of their points by opportunistically redeeming points at the right time, in the right program.

Other Available Redemption Options for Caesars Rewards Points: (Certain venues require different redemption ratios, details here.)

  • Event ticket purchases: 250 RCs = $1
  • Reward Credits used for dining at participating outlets are at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Gift Cards and In-room movies are redeemed at a 2:1 ratio.
  • Matched status with Caesars UK and the ability to transfer credits back and forth between programs
  • Caesars Entertainment properties: 100 RCs = $1 (can be used towards your hotel bill at the time of checkout, as long as your Caesars Rewards account number is attached to the reservation at check-in.)
  • Gaming Vouchers and Free Play: 200 RC’s = $1
  • For items in the Caesars Rewards eCatalog

Final Thoughts

The Caesars Rewards program is a favorite among casino enthusiasts and for good reason. The ability to earn and redeem reward credits in so many different ways makes the program accessible to everyone. There are also plenty of shortcuts to earning status so even non gamers can access elite program benefits. As I mentioned earlier, we’re going to do a whole series on how to maximize certain benefits and extract as much value as possible from rewards.

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