NEW AMEX OFFERS: Save @ Expedia, Food, Tech & Hotels


There are a whole bunch of new Amex Offers available today. I'm sure some of the more popular ones will be Expedia and Adorama. Check your accounts and be strategic about which cards you add each offer to based on your category bonuses and spending offers. For example: anything having to do with hotels or non airline travel gets added to my Green Card since it earns 3x Membership Rewards Points on travel spend. And you may want to add Subway to the Gold Card since it's a restaurant (I use that term loosely here) and you'll earn 4x the points.

Expedia Offer

This is an interesting offer I don't recall seeing before, if you book a prepaid hotel through the link specified in the Amex Offer details you'll get 20% cash back up to $20. I did a few hotel searches on Expedia and through the Amex link to make sure the prices were the same and they're exactly the same including member discounts. This offer seemed to be available on every card I checked including personal and business as well as authorized user accounts. If you're curious about Expedia's rewards program you can get all the details in my guide to the program here “Guide: Expedia Rewards Program“.

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New Amex Offers: Adorama

Get a one-time $25 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $250 in one or more transactions in-store at Adorama or online at by 1/4/2021. 

amex offers

Save Up to 25% at Even Hotels

This new Amex Offer for American Express cards can save you $50 for Even Hotels stays on spend over $200. I checked a mix of business and personal charge cards and found the offer on all but the Marriott Business and Blue Cash Preferred credit cards, so the offer is targeted but seems to be widely available. I added it to my Amex Green card since it earns 3x the Membership Rewards points on all travel including hotels of course. IHG is also running a bunch of lucrative promotions this quarter so make sure you do your research.

amex offers

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Subway Amex Offer

Amex Offers: Tiffany's

Amex Offers

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Save on Your Ski Vacation

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