Top 5: Favorite Google Travel Features


Top 5 Google Travel Features

I love google for so many reasons but the biggest is the way it helps me plan every aspect of my travel. I suppose for many people privacy concerns and data collection are a huge drawback but I've gotten over it because the extra utility provided to my life by Google is far greater than any other concerns I may have. This is a list of my favorite ways Google Travel makes my life easier.



1. Easy Access to Account Info

Today I googled Iberia Avios for research purposes and I was amazed when the top of the google search results included my specific loyalty account number and all of the details for an upcoming flight I had with the airline. As you can see from the screenshots above by searching an airline or loyalty program google will show you your account details and any upcoming travel booked with the airline.

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2. Google Trips

Google Trips organizes your reservations and travel-related activity in one place. Any reservations sent to your gmail for airlines, hotels, car rentals, restaurant bookings, and train or bus travel appear on this page. You can also find suggestions based on your travel research, recent activity including your searches, saves, and tracked prices. The suggestions feature is really cool and accurate because they're also based on your previous interactions with other Google products like Maps, Chrome, and YouTube. (I know some people are super creeped out by this.)

Trips also provides a record of past travel, along with the dates and other info. Past trips are automatically created from confirmations sent to your Gmail.

3. Google Flights is Incredible

The best feature of google Flights is the ability to find the best fare deals for unlimited locations at once by performing a single search. (We'll have a whole detailed post devoted to this one next week.)

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4. Flexible Hotel Search

Google Hotels allows you to do a flexible date search to see rates on any calendar night even when the individual hotel's site doesn't have a flexible search feature. You can compare and contrast hotels by price, location, ratings and class. If you select a particular hotel you can view it's details, including photos and reviews and even reserve it right there by clicking through one of Google's booking partners.

5. Airfare Price Predictions and Tracking

Google flights includes price predictions on routes you research and will let you know if it's likely to go up and when the current fare is set to expire. Google will also give you an estimated probability of the amount it predicts prices will increase. You can sign up to get emails when the price for a flight or route you're tracking changes significantly.






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