Oops. My Planned Day of Cultural Enrichment Turned Into an NYC Self Guided Food Tour.



Touring My Own City: NYC

I had about 7 hours to kill in NY this week and I decided it would be really fun to be a tourist in my home town for once. What was supposed to be a day filled with culture, museums and food, ended up being a gluttonous NYC self guided food tour. I swear I tried to enjoy some culture and not be my typical self, but I was way too excited for all the food. All. The. Food. I did also stop at Drybar for a blowout, not that it enhances the cultural enrichment of my day but at least my hair looked good. 

Mimi Cheng's 

Touring My Own City: NYC

Despite my better judgment I took a friends recommendation To visit Mimi’s and I think my instincts were on point for this one because it just looks too clean new and inauthentic to be a quality dumpling. Of course I had to get eight because more is always more right? Well I ended up throwing out five so I could save room for my next endeavor. I got the classic Mimi Cheng and the pork option which is another thing I probably shouldn’t have done since I try not to eat pork. We'll just call it a day of terrible choices. LOL. 

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Starbucks (I know I know- this list is taking a nosedive). But I really wanted a coconut milk latte. This better be the best coffee I’ve ever had for $6.50. Yikes.

Touring My Own City: NYC

Tenement Museum (Lower East Side)

I was really disappointed there was no option for a self guided tour because I was in the mood to be in my own world and so I decided to pass. The idea of someone talking to me for an hour was a bit much with the mild hangover I was nursing. If you're planning on bringing a family here just be aware that the tickets are not cheap, they're $27 per person for a 1 hour tour. 

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Essex Market (Lower East Side)

Essex Market is really cool and I couldn't believe how many vendors they had squeezed into what was actually a pretty large space. I cannot believe I didn't get any pictures of the pierogis from Veselka, but they totally made up for the crappy dumplings. I got 8 boiled cheese pierogis for about $13. 

Touring My Own City: NYC

They also have Ample Hills Creamery and if you've never had it, you should get down there. I used to go to the one in Red Hook all the time. It's honestly magic. 

Touring My Own City: NYC  

Katz's Delicatessen (Lower East Side)

Amazing. Ok, so I broke the rules slightly because it's been ages since I had that matzoh ball soup and corned beef on rye. I had to do it and it lived up to all of my expectations- just as good as I remember. 

Corner Bistro (West Village)

Corner Bistro is in fact a corner bistro located at the intersection of 4th and Jane.  The menu is simple and no fuss, but everything is good and the service is excellent. I had a cheeseburger, french fries and two beers for $36 including tip. Beware, this place is cash only but it's worth the trip to the ATM (there's a Chase ATM right across the street). The fries were awesome. 



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