Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Review: Two Bed Poolside Villa (The Reserve)


Baha Mar Review

The Bougie Miles Baha Mar Review focuses on The Two-Bedroom Poolside Villa in The Reserve at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Bahamas. It's just a quick flight from New York to Nassau for some sun and beautiful beaches (what I would do for this right now!). I recently had the opportunity to check out a Two Bedroom Poolside Villa at the Reserve (Hyatt's luxury tower) and I was psyched to do it.

Baha Mar Resort Overview

I won't waste your time with an overview of the property since those can be found anywhere. I will say that if I had a choice between Baha Mar and Atlantis, it's not even close (I'm going with Baha Mar each time). The Cove is still a beautiful property but with most of the resorts amenities found elsewhere on the resort, I just don't see myself getting back over to Atlantis. (Read: the casino is too far from the Cove to walk in heels.) With the addition of Baha Mar‘s waterpark that is currently under construction, it's clear that they are going after the Atlantis crowd.

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Baha Mar Review

Room Overview

Description from the Hyatt Website

“Two-Bedroom Poolside Villa with Two King-Bedded Rooms: Stretch out in 1,926 square feet of space in this villa with pool access, two and a half baths, a washer/dryer, a full kitchen, and two bedrooms each with one king bed.”

I've been able to stay at the Baha Mar several times now across a variety of their rooms in both East and West Towers and this one was quickly among my favorites. The Reserve features a private check in with access to complimentary coffee, drinks and food. Breakfast items are served daily, as are complimentary drinks during a daily happy hour. The Reserve can be found across the casino floor towards the beach. Once you pass the Swimming Pig Restaurant, you come to a private elevator that services the rooms of the Reserve.

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Baha Mar Review

The Poolside Villa has a much different decor than the other Grand Hyatt rooms in the other Baha Mar towers on the property. The dark wood throughout gives it a distinct look when compared to the white marble of the Grand Hyatt's other rooms. The bedrooms are identical with large bathrooms attached. There was also a half bath in the foyer, as well large living room and full kitchen.Baha Mar Review Baha Mar Review

Baha Mar Review

Baha Mar

View from the Room

In terms of the “poolside” – the room did come with access to a private pool. Just don't get your hopes up since the private pool was quite small and didn't seem to have food or drink service. You're better off at one of the countless pools across the property anyway.


The rooms also come with butler service which I was so excited about. Like everything else at Baha Mar, the service was inconsistent. We didn't really end up using the butler all that much but the team was incredibly friendly and provided us with their phone number for requests. I had them pack my bags the morning I was leaving but I had to call and remind them several times. They also came through with a request for a band aid when the front desk told us we would have to purchase a box at the front desk (after waiting for more than an hour.) Housekeeping service was also spotty. The rooms were pretty dirty overall and housekeeping consistently failed to bring requested toiletries.
The negatives? Hard to find to really complain about here but a lack of consistency seems to be the standard. One thing to note is that the wifi was spotty across the Baha Mar resort as a whole, so it may not be the best place to work remotely. I also think for a “luxury hotel” they should really have nicer amenities and make sure the robes are fresh and stain free.
Baha Mar Review   Baha Mar Review Baha Mar Review



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