American Airlines SimplyMiles is Better Than You Were Told


Great AA SimplyMiles Stacking Opportunities

Since American Airlines launched SimplyMiles last month and all the blogs did their obligatory posts, I haven't heard much about it. Apparently everyone just decided to accept erroneous information written by one of the blogs (I'll give you two guesses but you only need one). The sentiment was that Simply Miles probably wasn't a great option for most people since it would be a waste of spend to use your AA cards in non bonus categories. (This is why it's so important to get your info from reliable sources and to think for yourself.) As it turns out, my research project of trying 20 different cards led to some pretty exciting results. It would appear that you can link ANY Mastercard. So what's exciting about that? Just an amazing new opportunity to stack a whole bunch of offers on Simplymiles with other programs.

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BUT FIRST: A Note About Doing Your Research and Knowing Which Sources to Trust

As we all know, maximizing rewards is one of the easiest ways to succeed in the miles and points game so it's worth taking the time to make sure you get it right. I like to look over the Terms and FAQs to familiarize myself with programs. The FAQ section mentions nothing about only being able to use AA branded cards, only that you must be an AA cardholder to be eligible.

SimplyMiles is open to AAdvantage members who reside in the US and also hold an AAdvantage credit card.

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Currently SimplyMiles is open to holders of any AAdvantage credit card. We’ll be adding more options in the near future. Stay tuned.

Great AA SimplyMiles Stacking Opportunities

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Simplymiles Stacking opportunities: How Does it Work

Chase and Bank of America both have similar programs whereby cardmembers can add offers to their cards and earn cash back or other rewards in addition to their usual card earnings upon completion of the offers. So yep, that means if you can link your BOFA and Chase Cards to SimplyMiles you can stack offers. But it gets ever better. There's a quintuple stack possibility here.

  1. Simply Miles Offers
  2. Chase Offers and BOFA Offers
  3. Cashback or other shopping portals, special sign up offers
  4. Credit card rewards
  5. Mastercard Easy Savings program
  6. BONUS: AAdvantage Offers

    Great AA SimplyMiles Stacking Opportunities

    Chase Offers

Bank of America Deals

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Great AA SimplyMiles Stacking Opportunity Examples

There are some pretty lucrative stacking options available as we speak.


  • Earn 1,500 miles on a purchase of $149 or more
  • 10%- 20% Cash Back
  • $10 Cashback from portal
  • CC rewards


  • Bank of America $15 cashback
  • Simply Miles 1,000 Miles on 40 Spend
  • 1500 Swag Bucks

Under Armour

  • 2 AA Miles per Dollar
  • 10% Back with Chase Offer
  • 10% Cashback or 6 miles/MR's (today's rate)
  • 4 IHG Points per dollar (Chase IHG Credit Card)

Avis and Exxon are also part of the bunch and BOFA regularly has offers for both- they would also also stack with the Mastercard Easy Savings Rebate for up to 5% cashback. You can earn a ton of AAdvantage miles with some of the current promotions including SunBasket, Teleflora and Simplisafe. I've also noticed that many of the retailers available on Simply Miles are also featured on the AAdvantage Deals website which I covered in this post, so that's a really great way to maximize returns. If you look at the deals in the pics below, you'll see that Teleflora orders earn 25 AA miles per dollar spent and if you pay with a card linked to Simplymiles you'll earn an additional 650 miles on orders of $50+.

American Airlines Bonus Offers

Great AA SimplyMiles Stacking Opportunities

SimplyMiles Offers

Great AA SimplyMiles Stacking Opportunities



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