Try This Trick to Find Valuable World Mastercard Benefits


World Mastercard Benefits

One of my absolute favorite ways to find great deals is to search the foreign site versions of popular credit card issuer sites like Mastercard, let's call it the Mastercard Benefits Trick (despite it not being much of a trick). Seems odd I know, but it has been one of the best sources of unknown deals for me over the last few years. You're probably wondering how I discovered offers like this. Well I happen to be an odd duck in the sense that I like to read through the terms and conditions for every single thing- like every word. That same strange behavior is how I figured out you could use any Mastercard with AA Simplymiles.

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One day I was looking into MasterCard benefits and was reading through a benefits guide and noticed something about free loyalty status with SLH (yes the one that is now part of Hyatt) and thought whoa, how did I not know about this? Well, it was because the benefits guide belonged to a Mastercard from a European bank, apparently in reading “every word” I missed that part. So I clicked around to investigate and found a site offering Mastercard World Elite Cardholders mid level Small Luxury Hotels “Invited” Status simply for entering a valid card number. At this point I starting investigating and found a ton of offers for cardholders of several different countries. Even better, most of them only require a valid World or World Elite Mastercard number to access the offer. Last year there was also an offer to get top tier Global Hotel Alliance Status with just a World Elite Mastercard!

World Mastercard Benefit Amazing Travel Booking Portal & Why It’s Better than FHR and LHRC

The World Mastercard Benefits deals I have found range from free hotel nights to shopping discounts. Some are much easier to take advantage of than others and some are YMMV. When I found the GHA Discovery deal, I didn't get matched but my friend who submitted the exact same form was upgraded to top tier Black Status the same day. Here are a few of the benefits I found exciting for Mastercard holders.

Benefit: Hotel Chains


Save 35% at participating hotels. As you can see the Mastercard rate offers a real savings over the Best available rate.

World Mastercard BenefitsWorld Mastercard Benefits

Emirates: Save up to 12%

Airfare discounts seem to vary by country and then further vary based on class and and type of fare. Here's an example with all of the terms and conditions for Mastercard holders in India. Note- I have tried to stack this with other offers with no success (the restrictions on departure airport seemed to be the problem).

“Emirates is one of the largest airlines in the world, with a young and ever growing fleet of modern state-of-the-art aircraft. Emirates is now offering very exclusive preferential fares to Eligible World Mastercard benefit holders to benefit from our ever growing airline network.

As a Mastercard holder in India , you can now save up to 5% on base fares in first class, up to 12% on flight bookings to destinations across the Emirates network on business class and up to 10% on flight bookings on economy class.”

Terms and conditions

  • The offer is 5% discount on the base fare in First class, 12% discount on the base fare in Business Class and up to 10% discount on the base fare in Economy Class to destinations in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Dubai.
  • The offer is applicable on One way & return journey for adults and children.
  • The offer is applicable on multi-city bookings.
  • Offer is valid for bookings made from 1st March 2019 to 29th February 2020
  • Travel validity is from 1st March 2019 – 31st March 2020.
  • The discount is applicable only on bookings made at
  • Card-members to enter the Promo code “INMAS19”to get the offer
  • Prices are subject to change due to market conditions, currency and/or airfare fluctuations.
  • Offer is not applicable on any promotional Special fares.
  • The Offer is valid to eligible Mastercard Holders as applicable.
  • The offer is not applicable on corporate card holders.
  • The discounts applicable are on Published base fares.

Best Western:

20% Off Best Available Rate on eligible bookings.

Banyan Tree:

Get One Night Free at Select Hotels when you pay with a World Mastercard.

World Mastercard Benefits

OTA World Mastercard Benefits

Save 8% on any eligible booking


Save upwards of 10% depending on which card you “have”. The only thing that kind of stinks about this benefit is that you have to sign up for a separate Expedia Rewards account for each country specific offer you want to use.

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World and World Elite Mastercards provide free access to the Mastercard Travel and Lifestyle Services program which I detailed in this post “Mastercards Amazing Travel Booking Portal & Why It’s Better than FHR and LHRC”. Mastercard holders also have access to a bunch of added benefits at no additional cost and completely irrespective of the issuer or specific card details including id theft monitoring, free Shoprunner, cell phone protection and Lyft credits depending on the level of card. Foreign issuers have different offers and benefits and many can be utilized by almost anyone with World or World Elite Mastercard, for some examples you can check out Indias Priceless offer site.





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