Free Food Delivery! Get Grubhub+ Free and Earn 10% Back in Free Food


Grubhub Free Food Delivery

If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred, Reserve, Freedom or a Slate card you should have access to a free delivery subscription with Doordash and a free Grubhub+ membership via Lyft Pink which is free for CSR holders. Doordash Dashpass and Grubhub+ are basically subscription delivery services that offer monthly subscribers free delivery and reduced services fees on qualified orders. While this can be useful if you order from Doordash a lot, the food prices are inflated and it's pretty easy to get free delivery on orders through a lot of other services. Today I was looking at something in my Grubhub account and noticed that the Grubhub+ page was offering a free month of membership to anyone with an existing Delivery Subscription membership. So here's how you can get Grubhub free food delivery if you have Dashpass or Eatspass with Uber. (Update 2021: Now you get Uber Eats Pass free with Amex Membership Rewards Cards through the end of 2021.)

Feel free to use my Grubhub link to sign up or post your own in the comments. (You'll get $10)

My Doordash Referral link. (You'll get $30 in free food.)

My Uber Eats Referral Link. (You'll get $25 in free food.)

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I happen to love Grubhub for a few reasons, the biggest of which is that they deliver Taco Bell. They also don't seem to inflate prices like other services and offer rewards for certain merchants in addition to”perks” which are basically discounts. American Express Gold Cardholders can get the $10 monthly statement credit on Grubhub deliveries as well so it's a no brainer for rewards.

Save on Fees

Remember that you can avoid fees altogether by placing orders for pickup. I still like to leave a small tip for independent restaurants but if I order from McDonald's I generally skip the tip.

Free food delivery membership

Grubhub+ Benefits

  • Grubhub+ members receive a $10 Grubhub credit (“Cashback Reward”) for every $100 spent on Grubhub+ eligible order subtotals
  • Free delivery
  • Access to dedicated customer care (this is great because I've always loved Grubhub with the major caveat being that they offer terrible customer service)

Free delivery applicable on orders $12+ (before tax, tip, and fees) from Grubhub+ eligible restaurants only. Additional fees may apply and vary on orders. Grubhub Free Food Delivery 

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Grubhub Offers and Perks

I get emails from Grubhub at least twice a week with discounts on order and specific merchants. This week they sent me an offer for $20 off ANY $25 order. That's pretty much a no-brainer. They're not always that high but generally the offer discount is between $5-10 off. A few weeks ago they sent out an offer for Grubhub+ members only to get $7 off pickup orders for each day of the week. After I placed an order, I tried to submit another and it worked! That day I went to 4 different restaurants and got $28 worth of free food for about $3 out of pocket. (I got a smoothie, protein muffins, an italian cold cut sandwich and a sushi roll- I was pretty excited about that one.)


Membership Fine Print

  • Limited supply available (expect high demand). Participation is first come, first-serve as determined by Grubhub.
  • Proof is subject to verification by Grubhub. By providing your email address to Grubhub, you certify that the email address belongs to you and agree that Grubhub may contact you at the email address provided.
  • Grubhub+ is an automatically renewing membership service requiring recurring payments.
  • After your free trial ends, your free trial will convert to a paid Grubhub+ membership and Grubhub will automatically charge you each month at the then-current rate plus tax until you cancel. (Currently $9.99)
  • Cashback Rewards expire within 90 days following the date user’s most recent Cashback Reward is issued.
  • Free 30 day trial available for 30 days from date trial is initiated. Free trial offer available for a limited time only.


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