Quick Deal: NYC Hyatt Promo/Exhale Mistake Rate Stack Saves $$ and Earns a Ton of Points


Hyatt Bonus Points Offer

So if you follow my site regularly, you know I'm all about finding hidden deals like this one and I really love this one. I realize it's not applicable to everyone but sometimes that's a good thing because  there's a better chance it won't get killed. I found what seems to be a mistake rate on the Exhale NY site for a 60 Minute Couples Massage. You can stack the rate with your “week of well being” perk and the Hyatt bonus points offer for a discount bringing the total for a 60 minute massage for 2 to $120 and you'll earn 2880 points with the current points promotion.

World of Hyatt is offering double the bonus points on Eligible Exhale Spend through January 10th (as in Friday). This means you will receive ten (10) Base Points and ten (10) Bonus Points for each dollar paid  during the Promotion Period. If you use the credit card you'll earn an additional 4 points per dollar.

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You'll find this deal under the “Buy Classes, Gift Cards …” tab. (See the picture below.)

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Stack World of Hyatt Exhale Offer for Extra Points

I'm not sure if you'll earn points on the tax so I went with  just $120 * (24 Points Per Dollar) for a grand total of 2880.

Quick Analysis

Exhale 60 Minute massages normally run about 170 per person, so the $160 price is way too good to pass up even without the additional 25% discount. Add the discount and the fact that you're earning a minimum of 20 points per dollar and I don't see why anyone who enjoys massages wouldn't buy like 10 of these. Many people value World of Hyatt points at 1.5-2.5 cents a piece, so they're effectively getting a 30-50% rebate on the purchase.

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I actually purchased two of these prior to the double points promo so it's fair to say I think it's a great deal. Just note that the certificates expire within a year of purchase. I definitely don't suggest calling and mentioning the price but I don't see the harm in calling and asking of the couples massage rates are definitely for both people because the couples rates for other cities that I checked specifically said the rate was for one. You'll notice for NY the prices are all double (except of course for this one.) Based on this I'm pretty comfortable taking the chance.

Hyatt Bonus Points offer



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  1. Kosh

    Thanks for sharing this! I just purchased the couples massage myself. I called the Central Park location to ask if the rate was for one or two ppl and was told it was for one. Then I called the UES location and was told it was for two ppl! So conflicting data points there. If you do get around to calling Exhale let me know what they say.

    • Bethany Walsh

      Very nice! Did they ask you how much the rate was?



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