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JetBlue Mint Review Flight 711

This JetBlue Mint Review is based on my recent trip to Las Vegas but I've also included photos from other Mint flights I've taken over the last year or two to give you a sense of the different cabins and seats available. I recently covered the best ways to book Mint using miles and points in this post. 

  • Route: JFK (NYC) to LAS (Las Vegas)
  • Equipment: Airbus A321
  • Seat: 2F
  • Cost of Ticket: 58,400 Trueblue Points +5.60 USD

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 7.34.10 PM



Airport Arrival, Security and Boarding

JetBlue Terminal 5 at JFK is Jetblue's exclusive terminal, shared only with Jetblue's partners Aer Lingus, Hawaiian Airlines and TAP Air Portugal. This is probably why the entire process from arrival to boarding is always a seamless experience at JFK. If you're flying Mint it couldn't be better or faster. This recent trip I arrived at 8:30 and finished checking my bags and the security process by 8:36. Yes, that's correct, it took me 6 minutes! I prefer to take the Air Train to JFK but the drop off area is also less chaotic here than other terminals at JFK.

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Jetblue Mint fares include access to a Mint/Mosaic only dedicated check-in desk that has never had a line while I've been there so it takes a minute or two to check your bags. Mint also includes “Even More Speed” which is an expedited security line. I have TSA Precheck and I tend to use that line instead of the JetBlue expedited security option so that I can keep my shoes on and don't have to worry about my laptop.

Boarding is just as simple and quick because Mint and Mosaics are always the first group called after those who need extra time.

jetblue mint review

Jetblue Mint Review: Service, Food, Amenity Kit, Entertainment

The service was absolutely fantastic! Mint generally has two dedicated Flight Attendants for each flight and they work as a team to complete service. I've had a few issues in the past with service inconsistencies on Mint, including a FA who told me I could visit the self service snack bar located in the Main Cabin if I wanted pretzels. (I certainly don't mind getting the pretzels myself but it's pretty unprofessional to tell a business class passenger to get something themselves.)

The service was a huge value add for me this time around, as soon as I sat down I was greeted with a handshake and a quick rundown of the cabin features as well as an offer for a pre-flight drink. This stellar service continued throughout the longer-than-usual flight to Las Vegas thanks to bad weather conditions.

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Jetblue Mint0041jetblue mint review

The appetizer and dinner food was just okay, definitely nothing to write home about but the dessert was great. The best entree was definitely the salmon and I would say the chicken was okay but they put a gross mustard sauce on it that made it very unappetizing. The beef was also pretty awful. The dessert menu had rose water ice cream and another interesting flavor both of which were very good and fresh pineapple with mint and lime juice which was awesome. Prior to departure a large packaged cookie from Milk Bar is served, these never disappoint.

Jetblue Mint0022

Another highlight of flying JetBlue is the generous in flight entertainment which includes free wifi on all flights. If you'd rather zone out, there are movies, premium tv shows, sirius radio and my personal favorite: live tv. Yes, you can catch up on Bravo or watch football Sunday live en route to your destination.

jetblue mint review

The amenity kit bag is designed by Hayward and Hopper and designs change pretty regularly. I've flown Mint about 10 times now and have only ever gotten the same design twice. The kit includes a dental kit, soft socks, ear plugs, a pen, an eye mask, a microfiber cloth to wipe sunglasses and screens and a toiletry set made by Modern Apothecary that includes facial spray, moisturizer and lip balm.


Very Soft Socks

Very Soft Socks- worn by Bethenny in an episode of the Real Housewives

Seats and Interior

The Mint seats are spacious and comfy. They have some thoughtful and unique features like a massage function and a button to alert the FA if you'd like to be woken up for meals. The massage feature doesn't work very well so I wouldn't expect much on that front but it's definitely relaxing for a very light back rub. Additionally there are 4 semi private Suite seats aka “Throne Seats” that close during flight for more privacy and have no neighboring seat. These throne seats are available to book on a first come first serve basis at the same price as the other seats in Mint. They are located in rows 2 and 4.

Jetblue Mint Review

View from Mint suite with the privacy screen closed

Jetblue Mint0012

The cabin has a spacious feel and is especially pretty and relaxing at night with the purplish blue lighting. As you can see from the photos almost anyone should be able to lie flat and not feel crammed at all.

Jetblue Mint0000Jetblue Mint0014Jetblue Mint0020


Jetblue Mint0023


Mint fares are interesting when looking at them from a value perspective. The cash prices for JFK-LAS seem to jump around from $499 to $1499, making the lower $499 price feel like a serious bargain (which I think it is as compared to other business products serving the same route.) I'm not sure when but Jetblue changed Mint pricing over the last few years making it very difficult to get great value from Trueblue points used to book Mint. The price stays pretty close to 1.1 cents a points, while booking regular blue fare tickets can easily yield a value per point of 1.6 cents. Check out my full write up: Guide: Best Way to Book JetBlue Mint.

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Jetblue Mint Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Mint is an excellent domestic premium product. The individual suites are as good as almost any international business class offering and are second to none on domestic routes. The value is there if you’re able to book at the lower end of the Mint price range. It would be a miracle to find a comparable trans con flight under $600 and definitely not to Vegas.






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