Want One of My Expiring American Airlines Systemwide Upgrades?


AA Systemwide Upgrade Basics

I committed quite the sin this year, the one no loyalty buff ever wants to make. I let the year run out without using my American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade Awards for having achieved Executive Platinum Status with AA last year. But my loss is your gain! If you can make use of the upgrade prior to it's expiration (January 31, 2020- yes next week) let us know in the MtM Facebook Group or in the comments on this post. You should include, the route you're flying and confirm that there is upgrade availability (explained below). We'll choose one winner tonight and the second by tomorrow morning at 11 Am EST. I'd love to see someone get upgraded on a long haul flight from economy or premium economy to a sweet lie-flat business cabin. Check out Shawn's post at MtM for some useful tips on how to get upgraded without an upgrade certificate.

*To be clear this is in no way an advertisement or sale, there is absolutely no purchase required. Additionally there is nothing required of you to be considered aside from your flight info*

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We'll choose one or two based on the route specifics, destination and value of the upgrade for your specific flight. Now for everyone who doesn't know what a SWU is or how to see if you can make use of it- here are major rules boiled down into a few bullets.

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AA Systemwide Upgrade Rules

A SWU is a confirmed upgrade from most Business fares to First or Economy/PE CASH fares to the next class of service on any AA flight

  • Systemwide upgrades can be used for one-way travel for up to three segments on American Airlines marketed and operated flights.
  • All travel must be completed by midnight (CT) of the expiration date.

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Systemwide upgrades aren’t available when you’ve booked:

  • Codeshare flights, including flights marketed by American and operated by other airlines
  • Government or military fares
  • Fares ineligible for mileage credit (like award tickets)
  • Basic Economy fare tickets

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How to Find AA SWU Availability

  • Call or DM (on Twitter) American Airlines and ask 🙂
  • Expert Flyer Upgrade Availability Search- If you're flying economy or premium- you're searching for (C) availability and if you're flying biz, you need (A) availabilitySystemwide Upgrade Basics Giveaway
  • If you're Executive Platinum and have a SWU in your AA wallet, you can simply login to your account and search for the route you booked to see if the SWU link shows up





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  1. BlueHorizonUK

    London to Dallas and there is space

    Thank you so much!!

    • Bethany Walsh

      Yeayy! You are so welcome! Can you send me an email with your flight confirmation and name on ticket?

  2. Cody

    Two flights, this weekend and next weekend. Dfw to tpa and dfw to fll.

    • Bethany Walsh

      Both operated and marketed by AA? Send me the flight info and your first and last name at [email protected]

  3. Daniel Gonikman

    Mexico City to Miami red-eye. Thanks so much for doing this!

    • Daniel Gonikman

      Of course space is available!

  4. Anna Tan

    Dfw-sfo this Sunday! Upgrade is available. Thanks!

  5. Michael Norton

    I have a flight next week GRR to PHX which has upgrade space available. Would love the upgrade since I have a 7 hour layover, but do plan to check out Phoenix and chill at the USO during my long layover. Thanks for doing this!

  6. Marissa

    Flying next week JFK-DFW, DFW-MTJ and upgrade space available on both legs, thank you for offering this

    • Bethany Walsh

      How long are the flights?

      • Marissa

        JFK-DFW is a little over 4 hrs, DFW-MTJ is 2.5 hrs

  7. Marissa

    JFK-DFW is a little over 4 hrs, DFW-MTJ is 2.5 hrs

  8. Lauren Ingram

    I have HNL-DFW-BOS, confirmed C space today on expert flyer and with AA! Going from airport straight to work as a teacher so an upgrade would be incredible!!


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