How to Combine Hotel Points and Transfer to Other Members


Combine Hotel Points

Many programs allow you to combine points and miles and there are several reasons to combine hotel points or transfer them to friends and family. Each hotel chain has a different process as well as different rules applicable to points sharing, transferring, pooling and combining. In this post we'll cover the reasons you might want to transfer points to friends or family and the transfer rules and costs for each hotel chain's rules for sharing points.

Why You Want to Combine or Pool Points

  1. Elite Status Benefits: You don't have elite status- By sharing points your family can leverage someone else's elite status with a hotel brand so that you can take advantage of benefits like free breakfast, and upgrades. For example, a friend of mine has lifetime Titanium elite status with Marriott and when we travel together we prefer to use his Bonvoy account since his perks are far superior to mine, so I just transfer points to him regularly.
  2. You don't have enough points for a redemption– Transferring points is a great way to earn awards faster since multiple people can earn points at the same time.
    1. You can combine points to either book a longer stay or take advantage of benefits like the 5th night free on award stays.
  3. You want to book an award stay for someone else– if you have hotel points and you want to use them for a friend, it's much easier to give your friend the points than book the hotel under your name.
  4. Trade for rewards you actually want–  sometimes you earn points that aren't very valuable to you, if you have a friend who has points you actually want, points pooling allows you to maximize your value.
  5. Earn elite qualifying nights- if you're in multi-player mode and someone needs more nights towards status but you have more points, transferring them could be the best strategy.

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Marriott Bonvoy

Can you Combine Marriott Points?

You can combine a certain number of Marriott Points for any reason with any member in good standing at no cost.

How Do I Transfer Points To Another Member?

You can transfer your points to another Marriott Bonvoy Member's Account, by contacting Marriott directly. Just make sure you have the recipient's Bonvoy account information. Once you call you'll get the automated menu and you can just say transfer points which will route you to an bonvoy rep. The whole process takes about 3-4 minutes (excluding any wait time). Pre-pandemic you could transfer points via Marriott's online chat feature, I do hope they bring this back.

How Many Marriott Points Can You Combine?

Each Marriott Bonvoy member can transfer up to a maximum of 100,000 Points, in 10,000 point increments per calendar year, to other member Accounts. A Member can receive up to a maximum of 500,000 Points, per calendar year, from other Member Accounts. Both Accounts must be in good-standing and have each been open for at least thirty (30) days with Qualifying Activity or ninety (90) days without Qualifying Activity. Note that Miles and Elite Night Credit cannot be transferred between Marriott Accounts. One Note: combining points doesn't count as qualifying activity and won't extend the expiration of your points.

Who Can You Combine Marriott Points With?

Any other Bonvoy member with an account in good-standing that has been open for at least thirty (30) days with Qualifying Activity or ninety (90) days without Qualifying Activity. Qualifying activity includes any earning or redeeming of points, with the exception of gifting or transferring points, receiving points as a gift or transfer, or earning points through social media programs.

How long does it take to transfer Marriott points to another person?

Point transfers between Marriott Bonvoy member accounts are usually instantaneous. Last time I transferred points to my friend they showed up in her account before I hung up with customer service.

World of Hyatt

How to Transfer World of Hyatt Points or Share Awards

IHG Rewards

Combine IHG Rewards Points with Other Members

There is no limit to the number of points IHG Rewards members can transfer to other members, but the cost is high and as a result probably not a good idea to combine hotel points here. IHG points transfers are processed by IHG is one of the only major hotel programs that charges for sharing points.

How Many Points Can You Transfer

There is no limit to the amount of points you can transfer or receive each year. IHG Rewards Club points can be transferred to other IHG members in 1,000 point increments for $5 per every 1,000 points transferred. If you need to transfer IHG points you can do so here (but this really should be a last resort.)

Hilton Honors

Can you transfer Hilton Points to Someone Else?

Hilton Honors Members can transfer Hilton Honors Points to other Hilton Honors Members using two different methods. First, through Points Pooling and the second option is 1-to-1 points transfers in increments of 1,000 Points.

How Many Points can You Transfer

  • Each Hilton Honors Member is limited to sending no more than five hundred thousand (500,000) Points and receiving two million (2,000,000) Points via Points Pooling or Transfers combined per calendar year.
  • Each Hilton Honors Member is limited to making six (6) transfers to other member accounts and six (6) Hilton Points Pooling transactions per calendar year.

Who can You Share Points With?

A new Hilton Honors Member can pool, transfer, or receive Points 30 days after enrollment providing they have activity on their account. After 90 days of enrollment, a new Member is eligible to pool, transfer, or receive Points regardless of their account activity.

Best Western Rewards

You and another Best Western Rewards member can combine points as long you both share a physical address. To initiate a point transfer, contact a customer service team via email or call them at 1(800) 237-8483.

You can also use the “Gift a Free Night” Feature to give someone else points.

Radisson Rewards

Radisson Rewards points transfers are allowed in two scenarios:

  1. Transfers by Members with Elite Status: Radisson Rewards members with Elite Status may transfer points from that member’s account to another Radisson Rewards account upon request.
  2. Transfers within a Household: Radisson Rewards members may transfer points to another Radisson Rewards member who resides in the same household, provided both individuals have been Radisson Rewards members for at least one year and the addresses for both accounts involved in the transfer have not been updated within thirty (30) days prior to the transfer request. Radisson reserves the right to require proof of eligibility or residency and, in its sole discretion, deny any request to transfer points.

Thoughts on When to Combine Hotel Points

The ability to combine points with other members creates interesting opportunities and enhances flexibility, which generally means more ways to maximize your value. Anyone in multi player mode can make great use out of the ability to transfer rewards by applying for co-branded credit cards and combining points for longer stays and aspirational travel. Of the major programs, Hilton Honors is really cool because they let you pool your points with up to 10 people. Marriott allows you to transfer points between accounts up to a certain maximum number per year which is a change from their old policy that you could combine points to redeem for specific award bookings. Of course I'm completely unsurprised by the fact that IHG's policy is among the worst.






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