New FoundersCard American Airlines Benefit Offers Double Points (2020)


FoundersCard American Airlines Benefit

There's another new Founderscard American Airlines benefit. FC Members can now receive double Business Extra Points for 90 days after enrolling in the offer by August 10, 2020. For my complete Founderscard Guide and link to my video review click here: FoundersCard Review and Benefits Guide 2020

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If you're not familiar with Business Extra, it's AA's Business Loyalty program that offers rewards for employee travel. When an employee fly's with AA, British Airways or Iberia (as well as certain codeshare flights) the member business receives 1 point for every $5 in base fare paid for the ticket and the individual traveler receives their miles as usual.

Founderscard American Airlines Benefit

If you decide to sign up for Founderscard and use my referral link, it is much appreciated. ?

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How to Enroll

Enrollment took me about 30 seconds, so there's no reason not to enroll even if you don't think you'll be travelling because- hey you never know.

FoundersCard Members must register for this promotion by clicking “Redeem Benefit” on the AA Business Extra Benefit Page. You’ll be automatically redirected to the Promotions Page on the Business Extra site and although it says to enter the promo code, mine populated automatically. If you don’t have an account, just sign up now and submit the info accordingly.

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founderscard american airlines benefit

Key Details: FoundersCard American Airlines Benefit

Once you’ve successfully enrolled, you will see the offer in your list of promotions (see the screenshot above).

  • Eligible Flights: Only purchased, published fare revenue from eligible flights booked in eligible fare classes for travel on American Airlines, American Eagle®, British Airways and Iberia, ticketed on American Airlines (001), British Airways (125), and Iberia (075) ticket stock or American Airlines codeshare flights operated by Finnair, Japan Airlines, or Qantas and ticketed on AA (001) ticket stock will contribute to Flown Revenue
  • In addition to any bonus points associated with this offer, per general program rules, companies earn one point for every $5 spent for all qualifying tickets .
  • For complete program details, visit
  • To qualify for the bonus offer, eligible company must be a FoundersCard member and enrolled in the Business Extra program, registering for this offer through August 10, 2020 using referral code FOUNDERS2X.
  • Companies who enroll per the terms above may earn bonus points equivalent to 100% of the base points earned for each eligible flight taken between 90 days following your enrollment date when booked using their Business Extra number.
  • Qualifying travel must be completed within 90 days of enrolling in this offer.
  • Your company's Business Extra account number must be in the travelers' reservations to earn bonus points.
  • Retroactive ticket requests may not be eligible for promotional points.

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This isn't groundbreaking and certainly isn't worth going out of your way to utilize, but every little bit helps.  There have been a bunch of American airline specific benefits available to Founders Card members in past years and they tend to change a few times per year. Earlier this year I was very impressed by the AA status challenge benefit covered here:

Of course some of the other airline benefits for FC members are of questionable value, but since this is just an added bonus so it's a nice little perk.  FC also offers discounts on British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Caesars Rewards (aka Total rewards) Diamond status. Head to the Promotion page on Founders Card for other details and how to enroll in the benefit.

Here’s a quick list of FoundersCard Benefits I’ve covered in the past:

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