New FoundersCard Benefit: United Airlines Discount


New FoundersCard United Discount Benefit

Founders Card has another new airline benefit. FC Members can now receive an ongoing discount of up to 8% on select flights booked at Enrolled members will receive preferred pricing on eligible flights that they book directly with United. It seems that enrolling in this benefit enables members to access discounted “Corporate Fares” as a part of the United Corporate Direct Portal. I haven't been able to price out the discount as of yet since I just submitted my request but when I'm officially enrolled, I'll do a follow up with eligibility rules and discounts.

If you decide to sign up and use my referral link, it is much appreciated. 🙂

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How to Enroll

FoundersCard Members must request enrollment in the United Corporate Direct portal by clicking “Redeem Benefit” on the United Benefits Page. You'll need to enter your United MileagePlus account number and your name. If you don't have a United Account, just sign up now and submit the info accordingly.

Founderscard United Discount

Step by Step

  • Click on “Need to enroll in the portal?”
    Enter your name and MileagePlus number below.
  • Founders card will submit your MileagePlus number to United to be enrolled in it's United Corporate Direct portal.
  • Allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

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Key Details: FoundersCard United Discount Benefit

Once you've successfully enrolled, you will receive an email directly from United that says your MileagePlus account has been linked to the Founders Card portal. You can then login to your MileagePlus account on, and you will see a new checkbox under the search flights window that says “Business travel”. Make sure that box is checked to see your discount reflected.

Members will only be permitted to be enrolled in a single United Corporate Direct portal at one time, so if you already have your own account for your current business, this benefit probably won't be very useful for you.

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Additionally, Founders members may only book for themselves using the discount, which leads me to believe you'll only receive the travel benefits of the corporate account (i.e. discount and upgrade priority) as opposed to business credit for the flight. So while this is a still a nice deal for members who don't qualify for the corporate program, I don't think it's a good idea for anyone with an account to switch over.


This is an ongoing discount on United Airlines flights and I'd say it's a pretty good (not great) benefit! There have been a bunch of airline specific benefits available to Founders Card members in past years and hopefully this is here to stay. Of course some of the other airline benefits for FC members are of questionable value, but since this is a discount that can be used directly on United’s website, I think this one can be valued pretty easily. What's better than saving extra money on cash flights? FC also offers discounts on British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Caesars Rewards (aka Total rewards) Diamond status. Head to the Promotion page on Founders Card for other details and how to enroll in the benefit.

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